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Lima's traffic can be quite hectic and unruly making it an unappealing option for many travelers, although rental cars are available at fairly reasonable rates. Public transportation consists of large vans and buses, called micros, or combis, which can take a little getting used to. The routes are listed along the side of the bus, and the collector, or cobrador, calls out the major streets and intersections along the route. To exit the combi, call out your desired stop to the cobrador one block in advance by saying "baja" (go down) or "a la esquina" (at the corner). A one way trip costs s./1, or s./1.20 for much longer trips.

Taxis are an alternative option to the combis. It is necessary to bargain with the driver before entering the taxi as meters are not used. Most of the many taxis in the streets are unofficial, and the safest option is to call for an official, registered taxi, or hail one at taxi stands outside of major hotels and supermarkets.
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