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Spanish for Children & Teenagers


  • Integrate the 'four skills' of reading, writing, speaking and listening in a natural way.
  • Provide Spanish practice in subjects across the curriculum - eg. art, history, geography, biology, etc.
  • Combine grammatical structures of the language and vocabulary with speaking practice designed to encourage fluency and a spontaneous use of the language.
  • Provide a sensory rich learning experience through audiovisual and other sensory activities.
  • Provide authentic Spanish practice: students are able to see the relevance to the real world of what they are learning.
  • Promote learner autonomy and cooperation.


Course content:

  • Basic protocol for primary health care
  • Grammatical structures : Present, Past and Future Tenses
  • Vocabulary building
  • Comprehension training
  • Written and spoken expression exercises: essays, presentations, explanations
  • Guided debate practice
  • Exchange of ideas and experiences
  • Active listening practice
  • Letter, memo, and note writing skills
  • Academic Spanish Exam skills and techniques
  • Spanish literature
  • Active Spanish Performing arts
  • Games and dynamics
  • Arts and crafts
  • Peruvian Life and Culture Traditions and customs
  • Special celebrations
  • Representative Fauna and Flora


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