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Online Spanish with live Teacher

“Hispana online” is an online Spanish school which offers online Spanish lessons on Skype or other live classes programs so that the student can learn wherever he is and whenever he wants. We are located in Lima Peru and our teachers are native speakers of Spanish.

We teach Latin American Spanish, which will allow you to communicate with Spanish speakers of 22 countries and the Spanish speaking communities in the US.

How does it work?

Online Spanish lessons are given using videoconference calls on Skype or other free programs. We also use an online whiteboard where the student can chat, paint and write to the teacher for a better communication. All the classes are recorded in our server and can be downloaded by the students

You can choose any of the following courses in on-line format:

  • General Spanish Course (Basic to Advanced)
  • Espanhol para Brasileiros
  • Spanish for Children & Teenagers
  • 3-hour bootcamp
  • Survival Spanish Crash Course
  • Spanish for Travelers

To receive more information about this course write to  registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com

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