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The textbooks for all study levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and supplementary material of Hispana have been carefully designed and developed by our Department of Research and Development in accordance with the guidelines of the Common European Framework and of the Cervantes Institute in Spain. The materials are based on the variant of Spanish used in Peru and Latin America, known as Neutral Latin-American Spanish.

Extra teaching resources we use in classes vary according to the level of studies:

Basic / Pre-Intermediate Level:

  • Students learn commonly used questions and phrases, while immersed in a new culture.
  • Study of basic communicative and functional vocabulary.
  • Use of games, mimicry.
  • Use of visual material.
  • Use of materials such as short newspaper articles, advertisements, literary texts, greeting cards, etc.
  • Only Spanish is spoken in the classroom; however the students’ native language is only used in emergency situations.

Intermediate Level:

  • Use of more authentic material: movies, newspapers and documentaries in Spanish.

Advanced Level:

  • Use of materials exhibiting different Spanish levels and dialects.
  • Use of short stories, interviews, etc.
  • Special focus is placed on the use of idiomatic expressions.
  • Comprehension and use of proverbs and idioms both spoken and written.
  • Review of Spanish syntax with particular emphasis on the specific problems of each student.

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