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Location and Facilities

Calle San Martín 377, Miraflores.
Lima 18 - Perú
Tel.: (51-1) 446-3045
Cel.: (51-1) 999.389.827 
Email: registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com

Hispana School Map

Our school's location boasts:

  • Being in the center of the seaside district of Miraflores
  • Only 30 minutes from Peru's international airport
  • A short stroll (6 blocks) from amazing panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Having easy access to all the main avenues connecting to the larger city.
  • A vibrant cultural life close to cafes, restaurants, hotels, hostels, malls, supermarkets, and health care centers

School Facilities

  • Traditional Republican-style building equipped with teaching facilities
  • 5 fully refurbished classrooms
  • Common room and study hall
  • Library with over 100 titles in Spanish and other languages, movie collection and Spanish music collection, education materials such as books, video and audio from E/LE for all levels of Spanish
  • Kitchen with free hot and cold beverages and snacks for students
  • WiFi access throughout the school
  • Plenty of common area space


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