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Spanish for Business

The Spanish for Business Course at Hispana Spanish School in Lima, Peru has been created for Business professionals who need to improve their communication with Hispanic co-workers and clients and use business terminology correctly at their jobs.


  • Familiarize students with Spanish business terminology and its respective grammar. 
  • Develop students' professional, company and sector-specific vocabulary. 
  • Improve reading comprehension of business correspondence and reports. 
  • Provide students with effective written communication techniques. 
  • Improve listening skills for meetings and teleconferences. 
  • Familiarize students with business protocol and ethics in Spanish speaking countries. 


The Business Spanish Program has 2 levels:

  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level


  • Organizational Structure :
    •  Analysis of a company's strengths and weaknesses, general and financial.
    • Comparing company culture and national economies.
    • Business ethics. 
  • Recruitment
    • Modern approach to preparing CVs/ resumes. 
    • Job advertisements and applications.
    • Effective job interviews.
  • Meetings
    • Communication strategies.
    • Reporting
  • Presentations
    • Both internal and external.
  • Negotiations
    • Persuasion, selling techniques, style etc.
  • Business Correspondence
    • Effective written communication techniques.
  • Telephoning
    • Listening and speaking skills for effective communication over the telephone.
  • Business Travel
    • Cultural awareness. 
    • Corporate entertainment. 
  • Marketing and Advertising
    • Consumer behavior. 
    • Mass media and corporate identity. 
  • International Sales and Trade
    • Building marketing and business plans. 
    • Managing country and global business risk. 

You must

  • Have an intermediate level of Spanish (a placement test will be taken).

To receive more information about this course write to registration.office@hispanaidiomas.com
To register online click here: http://www.hispanaidiomas.com/escuela/register.php

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