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Hispana Spanish Language School (promoted by Hispana Idiomas) is a Peruvian organization based in Lima which aims to meet the highest standards in teaching Spanish as a second language with a focus on Latin-American and Peruvian culture and in promoting language tourism in Peru among our international students. Our academic department at Hispana comprises of a Director of Studies, an Academic Assistant, and highly qualified Spanish teachers. Our administrative department includes a student services liaison manager, a registrar, and concierge.
Hispana Idiomas was legally incorporated in 2004 and is licensed and certified by the local Municipality and the National Institute for Civil Defense to operate as a language school. 


To facilitate the study of the Spanish language by way of immersion and promotion of Peruvian and Latin American culture through:

  • Communicative based methodology classes with a strong academic foundation
  • Socio-cultural activities that maximize contact with the local culture
  • Accommodation with Peruvian families, if desired


Our philosophy as a cultural center specializing in Spanish and Latin American culture is based on the following principles:

  • High academic standards and specialization in the Spanish language.
  • Friendly environment in a multi-cultural setting.
  • A "learn by doing" approach - practice and live the Spanish language in real communication situations.
  • Personalized service and flexible schedules.
  • We maximize the student's immersion not just in the language but also in the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries.

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